Rent a Car Cluj - Cluj Napoca Airport Car Rental

How to make sure you get the best possible discount?

As you have probably read on the right side of our website, we have significant discounts throughout the year, but within the occupancy rate limit.

What does this mean?

Due to this challenging season for tourism, BDV Bestauto have decided to make an irrefutable offer to our clients: we put aside profits and come with such a discount that it is difficult not to rent from us.

Cars should move and give them mobility, not "sit in our park" always hoping to make a profit. After so many restrictions, we are sure they would do well on a road trip.

But PAY ATTENTION: As the number of reservations increases, the percentage of our reduction will decrease until it reaches normal.

Therefore, if you want to benefit from the best possible discount, the secret is to think as little as possible!

We are waiting!


The  car  will be  rented  in good working order, clean inside and outside, any observations regarding its condition will be communicated by the tenant at the time of taking possession at the Rent a Car Cluj Agency  . In the situation in which suspicious aspects appear or any other abnormal signs in the operation of the  car  that may harm the state of the car or the safety conditions in traffic, you have the obligation to interrupt the trip and notify the representative of the company.
The rental fee will be paid in advance.
The client undertakes to return the car in the conditions in which it was taken in possession, together with all the documents and accessories that were given to him at the time of the  car rental - according to the delivery note. Any delay that exceeds the time established by the contract with 3 (three) hours, the agency will notify the Police.



para todo el año, dentro de la tasa de ocupación.


para todo el año, dentro de la tasa de ocupación.
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